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These pages reveal the many hats that I as a Freelance Professional Performer and Writer wear at different times. Be sure to check my event listing weekly to find out where I'm giving public shows and workshops in California and (occasionally) Illinois. It changes as often as daily as bookings come in.

If you'd like to see photos of me in action, click here.

If you'd like to order A Giant, An Imp, and Two Jacks, my tape of funny, fabulous fairy tales from Scotland, Ireland, and England, click here. If you want to know about my story that is in the August House book More Ready-to-Tell Tales from Around the World, click here.

If you're curious about my book, check out the Storytelling Professionally; The Nuts and Bolts of a Working Performer pages--the review page gives the best description of its contents.

If you're thinking about booking me, look at the pages that cover the type of storytelling or workshops that suit your needs best [listed below].

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*Harlynne's CD and books

*School Assemblies, PTA and family nights, and Storytelling Workshops for Schools [For Harlynne's other types of shows for children or adults, see below.]

*Information about Harlynne Geisler

A Short Professional Biography of Harlynne Geisler
How to Get in Touch with Harlynne Geisler
Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Harlynne Geisler
A Calendar of Upcoming Storytelling Shows and Workshops by Harlynne Geisler

*Descriptions of Workshops Available from Harlynne Geisler:

Climbing the Three Steps to Storytelling: Finding, Learning, and Telling a Tale
Delicious Shivers: Telling Spooky Stories
Storytelling and Creative Writing: The Perfect Partners
You're Going to be a WHAT!; Making a Living from Storytelling
The How and Why of Pourquoi Folktales Workshop
Religious Storytelling
General Information about Harlynne Geisler's Workshops

*Harlynne Geisler's Storytelling Shows for Adults, Children, and Families:

Descriptions of a Few of Harlynne Geisler's Storytelling Shows
Delicious Shivers: Ghost Stories and Spooky Tales
Adults from 25 to 95
Library Shows and Workshops
Storytelling Festivals and Guilds
Christian Groups and Churches
Jewish Organizations and Temples
Stores, Hotels, and Restaurants
Highland Games, Folk Festivals, and Other Outdoor Venues
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