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"Delicious Shivers: Telling Spooky Stories" Workshopghost picture

Harlynne Geisler will show you how to adapt your telling of spooky stories to suit fearful, flexible, and feisty personalities. The "classics" such as Tailypo, Bloody Mary, and the multicultural aspects of the bogeyman will be covered. Harlynne will explain how she has collected true ghost stories. One important discussion will be on how to cope with complaints from parents and deal with censorship.

Where Harlynne Has Conducted Workshops on the Subject:

Delicious Shivers: Spooky Stories Storytelling Institute, International Reading Association Conference
Delicious Shivers: Spooky Stories International Whole Language Umbrella Conference
Delicious Shivers: Spooky Stories California Library Association Conference
Delicious Shivers: Spooky Stories San Diego State University Clown Club
Delicious Shivers: Tales of the Supernatural Illini Storytellers Guild, Illinois
Delicious Shivers: Tales of the Supernatural Summer Solstice Folk Music, Dance & Storytelling Festival
Delicious Shivers: Tales of the Supernatural University of San Diego


I have never liked scary stories [they scare me] nor urban legends [sometimes they feel scary but sometimes they're dumb]--until today at your workshop on spooky stories at the International Whole Language Conference. Your telling with glee the last image of the vanishing hitchhiker helped me see myself doing it. Isn't it funny how again a teacher learns that a model is what I need?
I loved your librarianship coming out--your great love of the stories, the collections, the heritage, and the jump! That is contagious as well. Ah! You don't tell "scary" stories....spooky stories instead. That is a wonderful distinction. Marni Schwartz Gillard, Storyteller and Author, Delmar, New York

Thanks for a wonderful workshop! You helped me feel more confident that I would not "hurt" kids telling spooky stories. Laura Beasley, South Coast Storytellers Guild

Thanks so much for being a speaker at our "Facing the Censor: Challenges from the Community and Conflicts from Within," a special program sponsored by Metropolitan Cooperative Library System in Los Angeles. Your presentation was wonderful. The stories you chose to tell were meaningful and entertaining. Out of over 100 evaluations, 95% of them said it was the best workshop they had ever attended. Many people mentioned you as one of their favorite parts of the workshop. Pam Greene, Workshop Chairperson, MCLS Children's Services Committee, Children's Librarian, Beverly Hills Library

Comments on Delicious Shivers workshop given at the Storytelling Institute, International Reading Association Conference:

You made storytelling very real and able to do because most of us knew one or several of your stories, even experiencing the telling of one at some point in our lives. Teacher, Honolulu

You are very dynamic, and I appreciate ideas for the younger children. Second Grade Teacher, Las Vegas, Nevada

Liked your practical information--something I can use in my room right away. It was nice to hear the legend behind the stories. Chapter I Teacher, Center, N.D.

Liked exploration of how the different themes came about and how they are similar in different cultures. Your workshop was terrific! E. Au, Library Studies student

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