Storyteller Harlynne Geisler
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Storytelling in San Diego, Southern California, and the World
Especially Storytelling School Assemblies in San Diego County


Each workshop can be tailored to fit the time available from 30 minutes to [for some workshops] two days. Handouts to be copied for participants are available for each workshop. Number of participants is unlimited, except with children's workshops. A blackboard or writing space, glass of water, and place to put her notes are all that Harlynne requires, but she can work without them if informed in advance.

Playing with Stories: Combining Harlynne's Workshops
You say you just can't choose which workshop your group wants to take? Then combine two or more topics into a personalized workshop. You have the magic lamp, and Harlynne will be your genie, fulfilling your every wish and taking your group on a magic carpet ride through the Land of Story.

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