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Climbing the Three Steps to Storytelling: Finding, Learning, and Telling a Tale Workshop

Whether you want to entertain friends, educate your class, or perform for thousands, storytelling is a art that anyone can enjoy. You will discover how to find a story suitable for your audience, how to learn the story by heart without memorizing, and how to present your narrative in a spellbinding, effective manner. This workshop can be conducted for children or adults ages 9 to 99. Also available: "Now What?: Follow-Up Activities to Storytelling" workshop.

Where Harlynne Geisler Has Conducted Workshops on the Subject:

Climbing the Three Steps to Storytelling: Finding, Learning, and Telling a Tale California School Library Association State Conference
Climbing the Three Steps: Finding, Learning, and Telling a Story San Diego State University Clown Club
Storytelling for 8-12 Year Olds Metropolitan Cooperative Library System
Storytelling: How to Tell a Story Learn-in, A Program Sampler Workshop, Girl Scouts, San Diego-Imperial Council
Select, Learn and Tell: The Basics of Storytelling Imperial County Office of Education


It has been such a pleasure to hear from your class participants about what a wonderful course "Storytelling: You Can, Too!" is. The responses have been nothing but purely positive. Your students speak with the highest regard for you. The class has been described as informative, interesting, and colorful. L. K., Director, Retired adults Program, San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

Thank you for the terrific in-service training you provided to our recreation leaders! We received a lot of positive feedback from the leaders, and it was the highlight of the session. Let's hope that lots of stories are told on all the playgrounds! S. L., Center Director, Canyonside Park

Harlynne Geisler is a wonderful storyteller. This was an excellent presentation. My fourth graders are presently telling stories to other classrooms. She excited all of us, and I found I have some outstanding storytellers. The handouts were very helpful. D. B., Teacher, Sessions Elementary School

Harlynne's joy in sharing stories as teller and as educator has caused her to gather a remarkable repertoire of story material and has given her the knack of tying those stories to the instructional program. Skilled as she is as a storyteller herself, she is amply qualified to teach the art itself to students, teachers, librarians, and parents. I encourage you to make use of the many fine talents of Harlynne Geisler.
Catharine Farrell, Language Arts Unit, California State Department of Education

Comments from California School Library Association Conference workshop:

Very practical suggestions I can use right away. Techniques to teach myself how to do storytelling. S. R., Library Tech, Escondido

Bibliographies are helpful. It's such fun to hear a professional tell a story. J. R., Librarian, Mill Valley

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