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"Storytelling and Creative Writing: The Perfect Partners" Workshop

This won't be a workshop. It will be a funshop. Harlynne Geisler will begin by explaining the simple "story rules" that are the secret to anyone creating a brand new story with confidence. As a group, with partners, and in clusters of four we will spend the day playing with how-and-why titles, story cards, action-frozen pictures, and our brains to make up brand new plots with interesting characters and astounding twists to old problems. The applications are endless: books, plays, writing exercises for any age class from kindergarten to college, clown skits, party games, stage performances, or workshop activities to create a sense of community with any group. This workshop can be conducted for children or adults ages 5 to 95.
Another workshop also available: Improv Storytelling: Creating A Story on the Spot

Where Harlynne Has Conducted Workshops on the Subject:

Improvisational Storytelling The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling, Canada
Creating Improvisational Stories for Children and Adults Bay Area Storytelling Festival
Storytelling Clown World Productions Workshops & Lectures Michigan State University
Creating Stories Orally San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children
Creating Stories with an Audience San Diego Folk Festival
From Storytelling to Creative Writing Conference on Alternative in Jewish Education
Creative Writing Games University of San Diego
How to Do Improvisational Storytelling Storyfiesta, New Mexico
Improvisational Storytelling Laugh Makers Variety Arts Conference, New York


Just a note to thank you again for a marvelous day of storytelling for our students at Madison Elementary School! The classroom visits and lesson in creative writing and storytelling, while being thoroughly enjoyable, actually taught the kids how to tell a story and gave them the "tools" they need to write and tell their own tales. Our campus was buzzing with enthusiasm before, during, and after your visit. C. W., PTA

The following comments demonstrate the pleasure and knowledge that workshop attendees gained from your presentation as well as from informal conversations with you during the two day event:
‘Harlynne is enthusiastic, supportive, and very giving. Her sessions were great because of the hands-on quality.’
‘Harlynne was just as warm, receptive, and willing to share out of sessions as she was in session.’
On the Improvisational Storytelling Workshop: ‘Well organized; encouraged everyone to join in; excellent use made of time available. Handouts were extremely useful and covered so much.’
At our October tellaround we used Harlynne's pictures that she gave us at the workshop. Wish you could have heard the stories. Every person attending told a story. Two of them had only come to listen that evening. They were reluctant, but after they had made up a story, both were very happy with their efforts. All the stories were very good. Gail de Vos, President, The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling, Canada


Liked your delivery. You taught me more about creative writing than my writing teacher. Good suggestions done with great humor and detail. A. F. , Escondido

We enjoy your imagination. You have succeeded in making me believe that I can awaken mine. Thank you for making this a do-and-learn class. H. N., San Diego

Fun, entertaining, easy to follow, very clear, good ideas on storytelling and how to make it interesting to children. J. U., San Marcos

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