Storyteller Harlynne Geisler
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"Religious Storytelling" Workshop

Sufi, Zen Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu--all religions share certain great truths about the Almighty and our relationship to the One and to each other. Storyteller Harlynne Geisler will tell stories from many religious traditions, teach about choosing the story version that suits your purpose, and share thoughts on storytelling's connection to the spiritual. (See also pages on Christian Groups and on Jewish Organizations and Temples.)

Where Harlynne Geisler Has Conducted Workshops on Spiritual Storytelling:

The Art of Storytelling Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University
The Art of Storytelling Elderhostel, University of Judaism
Storytelling San Carlos United Methodist Church
Storytelling See Ye the Lord Stake Primary Preparation Meeting [Mormons]
Storytelling in Religion Gateway Baptist Church, El Cajon, California
Storytelling in Religion Tellers of Tales conference, Tucson, Arizona
Storytelling Jewish National Fund Institute
Religious Storytelling The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling, Canada
Religious Storytelling Summer Solstice Dulcimer & Traditional Music and Dance Festival, California State University, Northridge, California
Storytelling School of Theology at Claremont


When our church decided to train a team of storytellers, we searched all over for just the right person to lead a workshop. As we networked, Harlynne Geisler's name was mentioned repeatedly. Her fan club has grown, and now we recommend her to you. Harlynne is not only a wonderful storyteller, but a super teacher as well. She was highly organized and thoughtful in her presentation. She went out of her way to adapt her written material and her presentation to the needs of our church. We feel as if we now have a grasp on how to begin using storytelling in our church. L. T., Shepherd's Heart Coordinator, Gateway Baptist Church

How grateful I am that you could come to share with us! The students greatly enjoyed your presentation. It is very interesting to me in how many ways your work intersects ours. I think you're super! J. J., School of Theology at Claremont

On behalf of the 200 folks who participated in your storytelling session, I'd like to say that your evening has to rank high among our Renew gatherings over the past two years. It was genuinely delightful, and the feedback has been most pleasant to the ears. J. G., Director of Religious Education, Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach

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