Storyteller Harlynne Geisler

Storyteller Harlynne Geisler's Story in More Ready-to-Tell Tales from Around the World

Harlynne adapted for performance a funny how-and-why folktale from Portugal with a sting in its ending. Her written version of "Tia Miseria" and how she tricked some selfish children and then Death itself is in the book More Ready-to-Tell Tales from Around the World edited by David Holt and Bill Mooney. It was published by August House in 2000. The cost of the paperback is $16.95. (ISBN 0-87483-583-6) Here's a description of the entire book:

When David Holt and Bill Mooney collaborated on their original Ready-to-Tell Tales in 1994, they knew they had a tiger by the tail—a how-to book for all those who have watched a master storyteller and wondered, "How do they do that?" School Library Journal recognized it as "an extraordinary deserves a place on the shelf beside other storytelling classics." It was "highly recommended" by Booklist and won a truckload of awards and citations.

Now Holt and Mooney present a new collection with some enhanced features. Forty-four of the finest storytellers performing today present stories that anyone can tell—adapted for oral performance and enhanced with telling tips, information about the stories, and recommended audiences and age levels. The stories come from a wide array of cultures and are appropriate for a wide array of occasions. They range in tone from Doc McConnell's tall tale of "The Talking Dog" to Duncan Williamson's haunting "Mary and the Seal," from Dovie Thomason's comical Cherokee pourquoi story to Jay Stailey's urban retelling of Chicken Little, from Derek Burrows' participatory Bahamian riffto Barbara McBride-Smith's gleeful if gross coda to an old Texas armadillo tale.

The stories come from Japan, Senegal, Sweden, the Bahamas, Haiti, China, Mexico, Portugal, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Jewish, Kiowa, Cajun, Iroquois, and African-American traditions. For a review and a list of titles of the stories, click here.

Ages: Adult Parenting/Education
256 pages 6"x9"

I no longer sell this book by mail order, but you can still order it at the publisher's website and use their "search" to find the book on their website.

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