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Storyteller Harlynne Geisler has told multicultural folktales and taught storytelling for hundred of thousands of students in elementary schools in California, Illinois, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon. She has been a consultant for the GATE program of the San Diego City School District since 1985. She has degrees in English Education and Library Science from the University of Illinois. She is the author of the book Storytelling Professionally. For several years she was an artist with the "From the Center" performing artists in the schools program of the Orange County Performing Arts Center.


"Research Finding: Telling children stories can motivate them to read. Storytelling also introduces them to cultural values and literary traditions before they can read, write, and talk about stories by themselves.
"Comment: Storytelling can ignite the imaginations of children, giving them a taste of where books can take them. The excitement of storytelling can make reading and learning fun and can instill in children a sense of wonder about life and learning." What Works; Research About Teaching and Learning. United States Department of Education

Where do folktales come from? Who tells them? What is a reversal-of-fortune story? After a brief discussion answering such questions, professional storyteller Harlynne Geisler will devote most of the 45-60 minute presentation to telling tall tales, how-and-why stories, urban legends, and droll tales from around the world.

If you want a folk tale from a particular country, you may request it by calling Harlynne at 858-569-9399 at least one month before your program, and she will try to accommodate you.

Note: The following Benchmarks covered by this workshop are from the Challenge Standards for Visual and Performing Arts from the California Department of Education:
Artistic Perception Benchmarks 1, 3, 4
Historical and Cultural Context Benchmarks 1, 2 3

"Children loved the animation of Harlynne and were extremely impressed that they could enjoy the stories so much without having any pictures to watch." Teacher, Zamorano School

A packet of follow-up activities and bibliographies is included.

Grade/Eligibility: K-6 GATE; with a maximum of 65 students per presentation (2 classes can share this presentation and split the cost.)


"Students who search their memories for details about an event as they are telling it orally will later find those details easier to capture in writing. Writing theorists value the rehearsal, or prewriting, stage of composing. Sitting in a circle and swapping personal or fictional tales is one of the best ways to help writers rehearse.
"Children at any level of schooling who do not feel as competent as their peers in reading or writing are often masterful at storytelling. The comfort zone of the oral tale can be the path by which they reach the written one. Tellers who become very familiar with even one tale by retelling it often, learn that literature carries new meaning with each new encounter." Teaching Storytelling; a Position Statement from the Committee on Storytelling, National Council of Teachers of English

"...the California Reading Association advocates that...students should become active participants in the act and art of storytelling."

In two sessions Harlynne Geisler, a professional storyteller, will discuss the proper story selection and will demonstrate voice technique, appropriate gestures, and facial expression. Each student will prepare a story to tell at the end of two sessions after learning how to use six visual and aural methods to remember the plot. If you prefer that your students each create a brand-new story in the second session, please inform Harlynne at the time you call to schedule her.

Several handouts will be given to the teacher, including "Family Stories" and "Learning A Story."

Note: The following Benchmarks covered by this workshop are from the Challenge Standards for Visual and Performing Arts from the California Department of Education:
Artistic Perception Benchmarks 1, 3, 4
Creative Expression Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4
Aesthetic Valuing Benchmarks 1, 2, 4

"Harlynne Geisler is a wonderful storyteller. This was an excellent presentation. The class is presently telling stories to other classrooms. She excited all of us, and I found I have some outstanding storytellers. The handouts were very helpful."
Diane Bliss, GATE Teacher, Sessions School

Grade/Eligibility: 4-9 GATE; maximum of 65 students (2 classes can share this presentation and split the cost.)

Arrangements: A blackboard, chalk, and eraser will be needed for the second session. Students need to be paired up for both sessions and to have paper and pencil for the second session.

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